Research technician Molecular Cell Biology

36 hours a week
€ 2.422 - € 2.839

Closing date: August 12

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Job description

Huntington’s disease is heritable and progressive neurodegenerative disorder, caused by a so-called CAG-repeat expansion that drives the toxic aggregation of the mutated Huntingtin protein. Preventing this toxic aggregation is seen as one of the options to delay or prevent the onset of this disease. Control of protein folding and preventing of aggregation is cells is mediated by a cellular network of so-called molecular chaperones. We identified one of these chaperones as likely rate-limiting for the prevention of this toxic aggregation and showed by genetic approaches that it can delay the onset of disease in model organism. This technician to be hired on this position will get the task to first set-up a novel method that will next allow for the execution of a rapid high-throughput screen to find compounds that boost the expression and function of this chaperone.

Working environment

The research at the Department of Biomedical Sciences of Cells & Systems (BSCS) at the UMC Groningen focusses on understanding basic functions and processes of the cell & systems and how they lead to diseases if disturbed. The Department strives for identification and, if possible, exploitation of targets to prevent or cure disease, and to promote Healthy Aging. The position concerns work for a project funded by the Dutch Campaign Team Huntington and involves setting up and executing of a drug-screenings program to stimulate the activity of a disease-delaying chaperone that we discovered.

What do we need

A research technician with a BSc or MSc degree in Life Sciences (Biomedical Sciences, Cell Biology, Neurosciences). We are looking for someone that has proven technical skills with cell biology (culturing and microscopic imaging) and molecular biology techniques (cloning, CRISPR-cas). Furthermore, you seek for person with a flexible working attitude, team player mentality, good communication skills and a pro-active attitude.

What do we offer

  • A research project aimed at impact at the highest international level.
  • Excellent mentoring, supervision and training.
  • Access to state-of-the art infrastructure
  • A stimulating international research environment.
  • A 1.0 fte research technician position on a temporary contract of 3 years, starting ASAP.

Salary indication is scale 7, which a maximum salary amount of € 2.839 gross per month depending on your qualifications and experience, based on a full-time employment (max. scale 7.4).

For questions about the position

Any questions? Do contact us.

dr. Harrie Kampinga

How to apply

Full applications including a resume and a motivation letter will receive full consideration if received before August 12, 2020. You can only apply using the digital application form at the UMCG website and upload the relevant documents. Applications using the indicated email-address will not be processed. Following your application, you will receive an email confirmation.


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